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AshLeigh Meyer Dunham,  Attorney at Magic City Law, LLC

AshLeigh has recently been voted as one of the Top Women Lawyers in Birmingham by BMetro Magazine. She has steadily been building a reputation in Birmingham has an advocate for children whether it be a custody case, a dependency case, or an adoption. AshLeigh knew from the time she was seven years old that she wanted to become an attorney.  In her mind an attorney was someone who spoke for others and helped others achieve goals they could not achieve alone.  She never once lost her passion for this career. After she graduated from high school at Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama, she went to the University of Alabama where she marched in the Color Guard in the Million Dollar Band.  After she graduated from undergraduate school, she attended Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama.


Helping Magic City Families Move Forward

She graduated from Cumberland in 2010 and immediately began working as an Associate for a Madison County local firm with over 20 years of experience in domestic legal work. While practicing at this firm, she gained a vast spectrum of experience in both litigation and drafting pleadings.  She is well versed in all pre-trial procedures including preliminary pleadings, research, depositions, brief writing, subsequent motions, discovery, and facilitating each client’s journey to the final disposition of their case. She has litigated in Madison, Marshall, Morgan, Limestone, Colbert, Hale, Jefferson, Shelby, Talladega, Blount, and Lawrence County.

View More: is also certified as a Guardian Ad Litem. Her passion and goal as a GAL is that all children will be represented in actions that they are involved in through no fault of their own.  Children are put through a lot of pain and misery in the divorce process, and she thinks there should always be someone who is concerned for their best interests, and consequently, the family’s overall best interests. Sometimes their parents forget this during the divorce because they are emotionally drained.  On a different side, in many other situations outside of the domestic realm, children are neglected or forgotten, and she wants to be there for them, as their advocate.

In AshLeigh’s spare time, she spends time with her Husband, Jon Dunham, and their two dogs, her somewhat neurotic chubby black lab Emma, and her ridiculous weimaraner, Lacy.

Emma & Lacy

Emma & Lacy

She is also an instructor at Dance Trance Birmingham, a locally owned dance fitness facility . She is very active in the Hoover Chamber of Commerce and the Birmingham Bar Association. She is also on the junior board and the main board for The Clay House Children’s Center which is a child related organization that provides assistance to abused children.