Same-Sex Adoption

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Alabama Same-Sex Adoption Attorney

Following the lead of the rest of the country, Alabama is catching up. Alabama has finally made it easier to put families together. Due to the new changes in Alabama law, same-sex couples can finally adopt a child together. If you are in a same-sex relationship or a part of the LGBTQ community, know that Magic City Law has an Alabama Same-Sex Adoption Attorney who can help you finalize your family.

Magic City Adoption Attorneys

The Magic City (Birmingham) has encouraged same-sex adoptions via stepparent adoption, second parent adoption, joint adoption, or a joint related adoption for some time now. Sadly, the rest of the state has not been so open.  Consequently, you need an Alabama Same Sex Adoption Attorney that will fight for you and stop the nonsense before it starts. At Magic City Law, we have handled adoptions in many counties throughout Alabama including smaller counties. Each county is different, and you need someone to navigate the courts for you. We know that each county is different, and we have the experience in adoption law to know how to proceed.

Caring Alabama Adoption Attorneys

Alabama Same-Sex Adoption AttorneyAdoption is important to everyone involved, especially the child. At Magic City Law, we look forward to each and every adoption case. Your adoption is important to us. We love adoptions so much that we do not charge a consultation fee for most adoptions. We feel confident that you will choose our firm when you meet us because it is transparent that we love this area of family law. If you are a same-sex couple looking to complete your family, you need the help of an Alabama Same-Sex Adoption Attorney. Make sure to call Magic City Law at 205-582-2832.