Grandparent Adoption

Alabama Grandparent Adoption Attorney

Our Birmingham Adoption Attorneys are ready to help you with your forever family. Contact us at 205-582-2832 for consultation.

Alabama Grandparent Adoption Attorney

We have two adoption attorneys at our firm, AshLeigh Meyer Dunham & April Hare DeLuca. They have both worked in multiple counties all over  Alabama handling adoptions for families.

Grandparent Adoption – Background

Adoption is a fantastic thing. Sometimes life takes us to a position we didn’t think we would be in. Our Alabama Grandparent Adoption Attorneys understand if you find yourself taking care of your child’s child whether it was in your plan or not. A grandparent adoption can be an emotionally complicated process, but with the attorney, you’ll have someone who can walk you through the process to achieve stability for your grandchild. These often arise when there has been a very emotional factor contributing to your current situation. A lot of times the parent of the grandchild has passed away, has fallen prey to a drug or alcohol addiction, or simply is unable to care for the grandchild.

Adopting your child’s child can be a hard thing emotionally outside of care of your grandchild, but it is a beautiful gesture to make sure that your grandchild has a stable home environment for the rest of his or her life. Call one of our Birmingham Adoption Attorneys today to help your grandchild move forward while holding your hand.