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You’re thinking about hiring a lawyer for your family law matter. Whether it be an adoption, custody case, or divorce, you’re not exactly sure who you want to hire. You have checked out a lot of lawyer websites but they all have a gavel, scales of justice, or some sort of laurel wreath. You’ve read through the schools, the length of practice, and how each person wants to try to sell themselves to you. After reading each bio, you’re still just as confused. You don’t know what you want. You don’t know what route to take.

We get it.

As a law firm, we didn’t know which route to take either.  It’s obviously, we’re young & we’re spunky. Our firm is new-ish to the market. We could try the ol’ “we have over “x” # of years of combined experience” line to make ourselves appear older, but we’re not. That’s not us. We get it, we’re young, but we do have years of experience. Most importantly, those years have been focused on one area of law. We spend each and every day gaining experience and expertise in family law. Here’s the Magic City difference. You let us know whether or not we’re the right fit for you by giving us a call.

  1. We want to be your friend and confidant.

First, we keep it real. We don’t attempt to make you feel like you’re stupid or uninformed when you come in our office. We aren’t trying to sell you on what our firm will and can achieve for you. We cannot do that. Each and every case is different. The most important parts of a case are the people and the facts. Here’s the thing, we cannot make you into a better person, we can only work with what you give us. We cannot make the opposing party into a better person, we can only work with what they give us. We will, however, speak to you – sometimes at length – and explain what is going on in terms that everyone can understand.

We make sure that when we talk to you about your case, you leave feeling like you just had a chat with your close friends. We don’t want you to feel like you’re ever bothering us, or that we’re above you. We’re in this together. Regardless of whether or not you just did something crazy.

  1. We work each case as a team.

That means you get two lawyers for the price of one.  Our firm doesn’t charge for two attorneys during our trials, but we work them together. To be the most effective firm we can be, we have to be on point all-of-the-time. One lawyer will do the questioning, while the other is watching the reactions of the people in the courtroom, especially the Judge. We do this, not only for you, but for ourselves. You see, April and I have very different personalities. We use that to improve each other. We may have one of us being aggressive, while the other is working the honey/sugar/niceties. Just remember that you’re on our team when you hire us, and when you hire us, you hire a team.

  1. We want to save you money.

We don’t want to bankrupt you while working to get you to a happier place. We want you to still call us and be our friend when everything is over. We want you to send other clients to us. We often will let you know, as a friend, “hey, those 25 phone calls last week, they’re depleting that retainer, fast. “ We do everything we can to save you money, and keep unnecessary expenses from happening. Although we love money, I mean it’s a material world and I’m a material girl, we don’t love it more than our clients.

3 Ways Legal Forms Are Making Your Life Harder

Bad Forms

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Poindexter knows that he’s very intelligent. If he didn’t want such a lucrative job in a high paying field, he may have even decided to go to law school. The catch is that he’s smarter than that. He realizes that the legal field is flooded with sharp legal minds that have nowhere to go once they graduate. Instead, he went into a field where he was guaranteed a good job. That good job takes up a lot of his time and his marriage has really begun to deteriorate. Besides that, he also doesn’t really get how to relate to his wife lately. They sit down and decide on how they want to split everything up. They just don’t understand why they should have to pay for some lawyer to submit all this stuff when they can go through the hoops and find out exactly what they need with a bit of due diligence. So they do just that.

They log onto one of those websites with the forms they can download and start divvying up their lives. They aren’t too sure what their legal rights are, but they don’t care. This is amicable. They submit everything by hand at the clerk’s office and wait. Then they get a letter stating they left out a few forms. They submit those forms after more work and they wait. A year later, they’re still wondering why everything is tied up in the legal system. They’re not sure why the divorce hasn’t gone through.

They finally call attorneys because they just don’t get why everything is taking so long. They ask for help to fix what they’ve done. The attorneys file the extra forms, fix some wording they know their particular judge likes, and get everything they want to go through. However, at this point, the amicable way they were in the beginning is long gone. He realized he can’t live with the high amount of alimony, the custody agreement where he barely sees his children, and missing his dog that he also gave her custody of during negotiations. Then, BAM! The agreement is in place. Now Poindexter is furious. These stupid attorneys messed up everything. What Poindexter doesn’t realize is just this:

  1. Legal forms are not tailored to individual situations. Lawyers have their job because they look at where you are, what your life is like, and where you want your life to go. At that point, they choose the right path for you. They explain the process to you, and help you achieve your end goal. Just like an appendectomy isn’t the right thing for a bummed knee, sometimes what you google on those legal form websites isn’t going to fix your problem either. Further, lawyers aren’t just forms. The smartest people out there have lawyers because they need their protection. Do you think that Bill Gates would just represent himself in a matter? No, he wouldn’t. Why (Because he can afford any attorney…?) No, because he’s pretty smart. He knows better. You should too.
  2. A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the Judge. Do you as a lay person know what each Judge that may possibly get your case will want going forward? Do you know what language is preferred depending on your Judge? Do you know what additional documents you’ll have to sign to make sure your divorce is final? The answer is an astounding probably not. The amount of phone calls attorneys get asking for what forms are necessary for a divorce are quite hilarious because some judges want additional hoops for you to jump through. We in the legal community talk to each other and the Judge’s offices about what they want and how they want it submitted. We know depending on your judicial assignment how long your divorce will probably take. You pay us for our knowledge of the system, the law, and our ability to push what you want through the system.
  3. You should know what you’re messing up. If you want to sign an agreement that is unfair to you, you should at least talk to a lawyer so you know exactly how unfair and ridiculous it really is. If you’re going to be a fool, at least be one that’s educated and being kind, not one that thinks it seems sorta fair and just wants it over with. The last thing you want is to get frustrated and give away everything without a second thought, only to end up trapped in something you can’t live with.

Birmingham Divorce Attorneys: 5 Facts about Divorce in Birmingham (The Magic City)

Divorce in the Magic City isn't necessarily magical. Give us a call for an initial consult at 205-582-2832.

Divorce in the Magic City isn’t necessarily magical. Give us a call for an initial consult at 205-582-2832.

Sometimes in the Magic City couples lose the “magic” in their relationship. They no longer feel the way they once used to, leading to a very expensive fight. Maybe financial problems have torn them apart. Perhaps, it was a vice of some sort like alcohol, marijuana, heroin, excessive brownie intake, or even strippers. Regardless of the core reason that caused the dissolution, those people inevitably have to figure out the best way to split up everything without destroying themselves in the process. They begin googling divorce, child custody, and alimony (we’ve even seen the term “aliMONEY” in our google analytics) and start asking friends for advice. Then they start the divorce process highly educated in a variety of jurisdiction’s principles. They fail to realize that even one county away divorce is vastly different than the Magic City.  Sadly, they’re in for a rude awakening when they begin filing things and visiting with attorneys. Here’s a few facts about getting divorced in Birmingham to help you along the way:

  1. There are thousands of attorneys in the Birmingham area. A large portion of these attorneys handle domestic cases regardless of whether they are truly capable of doing so or not. Since the true nature of domestic or matrimonial law is fact based and ever changing, there are numerous lawyers who thrive in that gray and hide behind the safety of the statement “there’s no guarantee of a good outcome.” Ever since the criminal appointment system in Birmingham dissipated, lawyers who only practiced criminal law are now jumping into the domestic arena with little or no experience. There are lawyers everywhere who practice “threshold law,” meaning they’ll take anything that pays the bills. This has led to an increase in fees because domestic attorneys are forced to either teach the other side what they need to do to make this process move smoothly or deal with the incompetence of the other side. The pleadings and negotiating go downhill. The trials are flooded with nonsensical mess. Just because you found an attorney, doesn’t mean they do what you need. Would you go to an allergist to solve your heart problem?
  2. As the General of your army, you need to make the proper decision in regards to choosing an attorney right for you. The large amount of attorneys in this area comes with a large variety of attorneys you can choose from. If you are simply googling, you’ll get the people who pay the most for search engine optimization. This doesn’t mean you’re getting an attorney who is right for you. There are a few of those attorneys who will bleed you dry and send you on your way. How do you think they pay to be #1 on Google? If you have a complicated custody issue, look for an attorney that focuses on custody. Many lawyers advertise custody but have never been a Guardian Ad Litem. Ask your lawyer directly what they think an ideal custody situation is. If they are giving you what you want to hear, you know they aren’t looking out for your children first. If you have a high asset divorce, don’t just look for someone who advertises high asset divorces because sometimes…that’s just code for “clients that can afford to pay me.” Do your own research and NEVER hire someone who lists another area of law as their primary area of practice. You may save money at first, but you’ll end up having to hire someone else to clean up what they didn’t understand later.
  3. You could be waiting at least a year for your day in court. Just because you’re wanting to duke this out in court doesn’t mean that you’ll be in court in the next couple of months. Jefferson County is flooded with divorce cases, and don’t get me started on modifications. Sometimes it takes three months to get a Final Order on an Uncontested Divorce. You have to be patient, and you need someone who knows realistic time expectations, especially when it comes to which Judge is assigned to your case. You are in the largest county in the state. What does that mean? Larger numbers of people flooding the court system.
  4. Stop assuming that the mother is always getting custody, child support, and alimony. There are some counties where this is a guarantee. This is not one of them. Once again, this depends on your judge, but as a woman do not go in there expecting to win everything simply because you are a woman. As a man, stop giving up everything because you expect that to happen. This is not 1950. If it were, my outfits would be so much cuter. Also, people would never think it was okay to wear jeans to court. It’s not okay to wear jeans to court. Please, if you’re my client, do not ever wear jeans to court.
  5. There are two divisions for Jefferson County and so
    Your family's law firm. 205-582-2832

    We love the Magic City so much, we put in our firm’s name. We want to be your family’s law firm in the Magic City. 205-582-2832


    many courthouses. There is not just one almighty courthouse downtown like most counties in the state of Alabama. Jefferson County separates its domestic courts from the civil court, family court, and the criminal court. They even have another Bessemer Division that handle cases in the Bessemer area. The odds of getting lost without proper guidance are pretty good. Make sure your lawyer informs you of where and when to show up to court.

3 Facts About Magic City Law


  1. We have a new name and logo! We have done this in the past to illustrate adding our new lawyers, but with a firm of all
    Your family's law firm. 205-582-2832

    Your family’s law firm. 205-582-2832

    women, you have changes that sometime cause last names to change. We wanted to have a name that has longevity regardless of who is running it. We also wanted a name that would embrace our love for the Magic City because our clients live in and around the Magic City. Also, what is better than magic AND the law? Unstoppable.

  2. Our vision is still the same! We want to be your family’s law firm. Whatever happens, we want to be the first phone call to fix any problem you may have (except, perhaps, plumbing issues.) Whether it be planning for the future with prenuptial agreements and estate planning or fixing the mistakes of the past with divorce or criminal defense, we want you to have us on your speed dial. We establish friendships with our clients that last longer than just our current representation. Lawyers have a bad reputation that we strive to fix with each client we retain.
  3. We are constantly expanding. When our firm initially opened we wanted to focus only on family law. We thought that to be an expert you had to focus on only one portion of the law. However, as our firm has expanded by lawyers, it has also grown with knowledge. Our attorneys each have different interests in many areas of the law. We have begun teaching each other the intricacies of these areas so that, as a whole, we can represent you and your family from birth to death. We understand that your family has complicated issues that don’t just arise in the domestic courtroom. We push ourselves by networking with our legal community and going to monthly lunch study groups to make sure that we are always on top of the latest legal information. While some firms may only do family law, our firm learns the law for your family.

Magic City Law, LLC: 3 Questions NOT To Ask Your Attorney

Our blog last week focused on things you SHOULD make sure you ask your attorney. These questions make sure that no matter how nervous you are, you won’t forget the important factors to find out to help you decide how to choose an attorney. However, there are people who aren’t

Give us a call today at 205-582-2832 for your initial consult!

Give us a call today at 205-582-2832 for your initial consult!

afraid to ask questions. We can barely get any information about their case before they begin to fire out questions left and right to us. They end up wasting their appointment by grilling us instead of finding out what we can do for them. People sometimes forget that lawyers don’t have to take your case. Sometimes being rude to an attorney can have disastrous consequences such as major delays in getting your problem solved. Here’s a few questions you should probably avoid when you meet with your attorney, if you want them to take your case, that is:

  1. How old are you? Lawyers both young and old hate this question. When you’re fresh faced and constantly get the question about your age, regardless of how it is meant, it sounds a lot like an intended insult. We understand hiring a young attorney can be terrifying, especially when you are older than them, but we also know there are advantages hiring a fresh face. On the other end of the spectrum, older lawyers who are getting closer to retiring don’t appreciate it either. The implication that they are getting senile or forgetful is simply unfair. You can easily look up any attorney’s graduation year on We suggest doing that before you offend your attorneys by asking their age. It’s rude. You just shouldn’t do it.
  2. Are you going to win my case? Lawyers know better than to give you a guarantee. If they do give you a guarantee, they’re being sleazy. You should probably avoid these lawyers. You should listen to our plan to help you, not to “win” your case. It’s funny how people get caught up in “winning” when sometimes, especially in family law, winning isn’t an option.
  3. How much is this going to cost me? I put this on here because people often will ask what is the overall amount they will end up paying. Even when we give people an estimate and explain it is merely an estimate, they seem to think it is a cap. You need to realize the cost goes up the more intricate your case becomes. We have absolutely no way of knowing how much the case will cost you unless you have a flat fee case. Even then, most of our flat fees have the possibility of turning retainer. Why? The other party is unpredictable.

Birmingham Attorneys: 4 Facts About Alabama’s New Expungement Law!

Neal Honeywheat wants custody of his two children. He isn’t married to his children’s mother, but they had been in a very long term relationship since high school. They were together off and on throughout the party years. She knew that he had used

Get caught "puffin" something illegal years ago? Don't want it to ruin your record? Give us a call to get it expunged! 205-202-0070!

Get caught “puffin” something illegal years ago? Don’t want it to ruin your record? Give us a call to get it expunged! 205-202-0070!

marijuana and drank quite a bit, but she wasn’t with him when he was arrested for his vices.  He has, since that time, really cleaned up his act. He has completed his degrees, and is about to apply for some higher paying jobs. His ex-girlfriend still doesn’t have very good taste in men, and she’s stopped chasing after him since he’s cleaned up his act. He’s truly grown up and wants to move on with his life, but he’s scared of his previous arrests messing up his future. Because of this he has put off Petitioning for Custody and applying for multiple jobs. He has learned from these arrests, and the subsequent punishments that he received, but he knows that they will forever haunt his future… or will they?

Alabama has recently passed a new law that allows you to expunge your previous arrest record. It appears that Neal Honeywheat may be just the person that the

Legislature had in mind when drafting this bill. A few things you need to know about the new Expungement Law are that:

Not everyone can be a billionaire genius.. If you're not.. and you need to expunge your record give us a call at 205-202-0070!

Not everyone can be a billionaire genius.. If you’re not.. and you need to expunge your record give us a call at 205-202-0070!

  1. This applies to misdemeanors, traffic violations, and municipal ordinance violations. You can have these expunged if the case was dismissed with prejudice, no-billed by a grand jury, you were found not guilty, or the charge was dismissed without prejudice more than two years ago and has not been refiled. This includes all that dirty evidence of the arrest record, booking or arrest mug shots, index references, and other data related to the charge that could be used against you.
  2. It also applies to Felonies! Though, they have to be non-violent felonies. In this situation, the case must have been dismissed with prejudice, no-billed by a grand jury, a finding of not guilty, and one year after completion of a diversion program (like drug court). Further, you may be able to take advantage of this if the charge was dismissed without prejudice more than five years ago and the case has not been refiled, AND you have not been convicted of any other felony nor misdemeanor crime, any violations, excluding minor traffic violations, during the previous five years.
  3. In order to take advantage of the Expungement, you’ll need to Petition the Court in which the charges were filed, along with a sworn statement stating whether or not there has been a previous expungement request, specifications of the arrest and facts related to it, and you’ll need to serve the DA. Because of the multitude of information requested by the Court, you’ll need to speak with an attorney just to make sure you have your ducks in a row. You don’t want to mess up the process, have the expungement denied, and then have to refile stating that your previous request has been denied. It’s a good idea to contact an attorney ahead of time, set up a consult, and make sure everything is right the first time. If, like Mr. Honeywheat, your future with your children and your livelihood, depends on this Expungement, you’ll need to make sure everything is done correctly.
  4. Your record disappears from the Public Eye. At this point, after it has been approved, the court and other agencies will simply reply to cleanslatelogoany inquiries that no records exists on the matter. You do not have to disclose this information to any potential employer, creditor, or on other types of applications. In order to get this information, a person would need a court order.



5 Reasons Why Honesty is the Best Policy With Your Attorney

Here's 5 reasons why you should be honest with your attorneys! 205-202-0070

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be honest with your attorneys! 205-582-2832

Stacy is sitting on the witness stand. She’s been married to her husband five years and has dated him six years. She’s accused him of an affair with her mom, because she’s got it going on. She has told her lawyers that she’s been a stay at home mother for the past 2 years. He didn’t want her working. She barely was allowed to spend money and he’s had this long standing affair with her mother while she’s been taking care of the children. During the hearing Stacy is on the stand when the opposing attorney questions her about her indiscretions:

“Ma’am, you’ve stated that you spend all of your time taking care of your children and providing a healthy home environment for your husband, is that correct?”


“You neglected to mention the affair you’re having with your brother in law, your mailman, and the coffeeshop owner down the street?”

“Uhm.. uh… well those are over.”

“You also neglected to mention that you’ve been buying gift cards every time you go to Target to pay for these hotel rooms and the condoms, didn’t you?”


At this point Stacy’s attorney is looking for any objection of any kind to buy time. Stacy’s attorney had no warning about these instances and if he had, he’d probably have advised her to take multiple other deals before now. Their case is wrecked and there’s not much they can do to save it. Stacy’s credibility with her attorney and with the judge is gone.

This is just an example of why lying to your lawyer is a bad idea. Of course, this is a dramatic example, but it’s not far from what has happened to many of us family law attorneys. It really is our worst nightmare because most, if not all, lawyers are huge planners. The unexpected is not welcome nor appreciated. Below are a few reasons why you should truth serum it up while talking to your attorney:

  1. Lawyers typically, on average, are pretty smart.  I’m not saying all lawyers are rocket scientists, but on average, we’re pretty nerdy. We love research and we love being right. If your lawyer isn’t smart, they probably won’t be around very long. That being said, due to the high level of intellect involved, most lawyers will either figure out that you’re lying to them and then you’ll be dealing with number three down there, OR they’ll trust you, and the other side will point out your lies to them (because, they’re lawyers too, and they don’t trust you so they won’t just take your word for it).
  2. It’s easier to defend against a surprise, if you have time to build a defense. If your lawyer knows the nitty gritty, the big secret that you’re hiding, and have had time to research the repercussions, then when the big shock comes up, it’s no big deal. Your lawyer can jump on the issue, explain it, and move on. If your lawyer is bumbling and stumbling asking for a continuance to discuss the matter over why you’ve had an affair for 15 years, and had 6 other kids, there’s a good chance your case just lost a lot of leverage.
  3. Trust is hard to rebuild. If you’ve lied to your lawyer for six months about your income and we find out it’s substantially more, we’re not going to trust much else that you say. We’ve been using that information to litigate and negotiate on your behalf. We can’t, in good conscience, go back to the previous information we had when we know that you’re lying to the court. Further, if you lie about one thing, what’s to say you aren’t sleeping with your cousin or running an underground circus? We don’t even know you anymore!!!
  4. It is not your lawyer’s job to judge you. If it were our job, we’d be called judges, but we’re not that cool. We are here to work with the information you give us and fight for you. If we don’t have all the information, how can we provide the best legal services for you? Don’t fear us being Judgmental Judy and let us do our job by giving us the entire picture, not your photo shopped version.
  5. It makes the entire case more expensive. How could it make your case more expensive? We have to rework your entire case once we figure out that you’ve lied to us. We have to check all our previous offers, communications, and defenses and then alter them to fit the full truth. In order to CYA, you need to let us in!

What the heck is Family Law?

FAMILY LAW means DIVORCE? What?! Give Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca a call at 205-202-0070!

FAMILY LAW means DIVORCE? What?! Give Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca a call at 205-202-0070!

We are family law attorneys. I never knew until this week when we upped our networking that “family law” isn’t well known to be a euphemism for a type of law. Instead, we’ve gotten the question of “oh, you’re sisters?” or “you’re all related, that’s cool!” This has sparked a laugh at times, but mainly we’ve ended up having to explain what we mean by family law. The thing is, if you haven’t had to contact a family lawyer before you may not know that “family law” is a euphemism for something that people typically dislike which is a divorce lawyer. That’s why we don’t say, divorce lawyer until we’ve won you over with our wit and charm.

“Family Law” or the even fancier term “Matrimonial Law” simply means that we handle legal issues that arise within your family whether it be to join your family through a prenuptial agreement or adoption or help you throughout the process and recovery from a dissolution of an unhappy marriage. We take the drama and nitty gritty that a lot of lawyers don’t want to touch due to the emotional turmoil their clients are going through and help you to a happy resolution.

If you’ll refer to the other portions of our website you’ll see the types of cases we handle are adoptions, divorce, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements, modifications, child custody, child support, surrogacy, paternity, father’s rights, family estate planning, and family business planning. This list is long, so obviously, we use the short and simple term of “Family Law” or even better, “we’re a family law boutique firm” which simply means we’re a one stop shop for your family’s day to day needs (unless one of you is in the need for an ambulance chaser, but we’ve got those on speed dial for ya!)

8 Reasons Why YOU Should Hire a Female Divorce Attorney

In a few counties, the smaller ones, (at least in Alabama) we lady lawyers are a rarity. It’s a little amazing with the strides we have made in our careers through Hilary Clinton, Nancy Grace, Sandra Day O’Connor, even Elle Woods or Olivia Pope, that we’re such a rare gem, but we are. However, in our county we’re everywhere. The divorce court is no exception. The divorce court has a surplus of female attorneys. Why? Because it can be an advantage to hire a woman. Here’s why you should hire a female attorney to represent you in your next domestic case.

Need a Female Divorce Attorney? Call 205-202-0070

Need a Female Divorce Attorney? Call 205-582-2832

Why you should hire a female attorney for your domestic case?

  1. We understand emotion and we can relate emotionally. We all know that women are more emotional than men. In my opinion, that’s not a bad thing. We can empathize. Sometimes that means listening to you cry (yes, even you Mister Manly Man) or even saying “yes, you should be angry. I will fight alongside you and for you until you get through this.” We are not machines, and this is an emotional subject, so why would you want someone who is all logic and no empathy. We’re here to help you get through the emotional times. Could you imagine crying or having a breakdown and seeing Mr. Spock staring you down until he mutters, “well, that’s illogical. Let’s get to the money.”
  2. We are multi-taskers. We can juggle, so to say, all your family law issues at once. We won’t show irritation if you call while we’re drafting the latest pleading with an emergency custody request. We’ll work hard to get you the best results, even if it means we’re juggling full time. (At least that’ll tone our arms).
  3. We listen. This goes along with how we understand emotion. We understand that sometimes you simply need someone to listen to WHY you’re upset and not just attempt to fix the problem. Men often jump to fixing things instead of just listening to why it upsets you. We want to hear why you’re upset before deciding whether it will pass or whether something NEEDS to be done. Sometimes you need someone to pick through the problem to find the best solution for all involved.
  4. We soften the case. For a Man, we’re there to lessen the blow when he doesn’t want to offer the cheating ex-spouse alimony or his life savings.  For the woman, we’re there to offer her an understanding advocate. We’re the Batman to her Robin, if you will.
  5. We’re fashionable. Don’t get me wrong, I love bowties as much as the next woman. Here’s the thing, besides Mr. Alan Duke at the Hamer Law Group, I don’t know many men who sport them. It is our opinion that they should because ties are boring. Why get tied down to the same old thing? With us, we’re about surprise. The monotony of black and navy suits is a nice change. We come with the element of surprise, and by surprise, I mean a variety of suits, cardigans, prints, colors, and shoes. Sometimes these bright colors and the visual dessert they cause will lessen the other side’s defenses. That being said…
  6. We’re approachable. The best way to end your case in an economically efficient manner is to have a lawyer who is willing to negotiate for you. You don’t want a lawyer that people dislike or refuse to talk to. As a whole, female attorneys are more approachable because we are social creatures. We like to talk to other attorneys. We like to get to know them. I have to say that luckily, I have tons of lawyer friends, and it is my every intention to keep it that way.
  7. We’re maternal creatures, we are on the side of you and your children. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some male lawyers out there who are ready to protect your children and fight for you, but for us, our mama bear instincts kick in and we want to protect your children. We want the best outcome for you, but most of all for your little ones. We’re here to make sure each child gets their happily ever after.
  8. Have you ever argued with a woman?


It’s the new year. This year is winding down and new opportunities are arising. Tis’ the season of change. That being said, we thought we’d do a special blog post today to let you know what’s changing for Meyer & Middleton, LLC. Sit back and let it sink in. We have fantastic, exciting news, and we want to share it with YOU first!

  1. We are adding a new partner. Her name is April DeLuca. She has a financial
    April Deluca, new partner at Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca, LLC

    April DeLuca, new partner at Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca, LLC

    background, really understands tax law, and is a brunette. That means we’re kind of like the Charlie’s Angels, but in the form of a law firm. Also, it means that she can get down to the nitty gritty in the financial realm. Is your husband hiding assets? Well he won’t be for long! Is your wife stealing your money for her lover? We’ll save the day!

  2. We’re changing our name! We will now be Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca, LLC.
  3. We are moving to a new building directly next door. We’re adding a whole person. She needs her own office. We have signed the lease and are moving into that building this month. The new address is 2 Office Park Circle Suite 220, Mountain Brook Alabama 35223. It is on the second floor unless you take the bottom floor parking lot, then it’s on the third floor. You’ll understand when you make your appointment and come see us.
  4. We are no longer offering FREE initial consults. We tried it for a while because we knew other attorneys that also offered free initial consults. However, our job is based off of our knowledge and advice. We have gone through a multitude of real life cases, schooling, and legal education to prepare us to handle any domestic issue that you have.  With our growing business, we need that extra time for people who truly need us and are seeking advice to go forward with their domestic law needs. That being said, if you do retain us the day of the consult, we’ll waive the initial consult fee.
  5. We are getting a new logo. We LOVE our M & M logo with our sweet owl who has been watching over us since the beginning, but with a new name comes a new logo. We have two that we really adore and we want you to choose. Add us on Facebook because the voting begins soon!