5 Celebs With Paternity Problems

Paternity is a very touchy subject. It is the very essence of custody disputes, inheritance disputes, visitation, and every man’s most dreaded two words – Child Support. Fathers can use it to establish a relationship with their child, and sometimes, especially when celebrities are involved, mothers feel that they can use it to establish a big ol’ bank account. Although, sometimes, these women (the ones who did actually have sexual relations with their celeb of choice) are using it for its intended purposes- to support their children.

Here are five of our fav celeb Paternity cases:

JUSTIN BIEBER: Oh man, the Biebster.  It seems that he is offending people left and right… though he must be doing something right because there are tons of women saying they slept with him!  Back in 2011, he was hit with a paternity suit from a lady in Miami. The suit was dropped when he agreed to take a Paternity Test (Fishy! Fishy!). However, now he has been slapped with a SECOND paternity suit. It has yet to be seen if the Biebs will agree to take a test this time. However, considering he has recently gotten in trouble for some reckless driving… one would hope he’d play it safe for a little while… in all aspects of his life.

MICK JAGGER: Back in 1999, a Brazilian model, Luciana Morad claimed that Mick Jagger was the father of her son.  It appears that she is one of those ladies who loves guys with “moves like jagger”! His wife? Not so much. Turns out, the paternity test confirmed that Jagger was indeed the daddy which lead to an expensive divorce for him, and some cash in the bank for his new found son!

SCARY SPICE & EDDIE MURPHY: It took a nasty paternity dispute and paternity test to make Eddie Murphy acknowledge that he had fathered Scary Spice’s daughter. After the paternity test came back stating that she was his daughter, he finally admitted paternity. He should’ve been shouting this one from the rooftops, in our opinion.

BILL COSBY: I’m sure every woman wants a father for her children like the time treasured Bill Cosby with his quick wit, funny voices, and adorable sweaters! One woman, Autumn Jackson, accused Mr. Cosby of this multiple times. Subsequently, she refused to take blood tests herself to clear things up! He did offer to submit his DNA though! She ended up going to jail for attempting to extort money from him.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: We all remember this case. In 2011, it came out that Mr. Schwarz had a former child with a household staff member. She was actually carrying his baby at the same time that Maria was carrying one of his children too! They gave birth 5 days apart. He didn’t know though until the kid began to resemble him as a toddler! He was giving her money secretly. The whole sordid ordeal came out back in 2011 during marriage counseling and appears to have been the final straw in their marriage.

Take these cases as an example that paternity actions can have serious ramifications on your life and on your bank account.  At Meyer and Middleton, we can assist individuals going through this type of situation and the process involved in filing a paternity action to establish or refute paternity. Don’t end up with your pants down in a paternity dispute!

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