Birmingham Family Law Attorneys: 10 Ways NOT To Ask For A Prenup

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We have talked about what you need to consider when getting a prenuptial agreement. However, the number one consideration that we neglected to mention which really is a make or break issue, is how to approach asking for a prenuptial agreement. This is a sensitive topic and should probably be approached in a sensitive way. The last thing you want to do is ruin your engagement with a huge break up! Here are 10 ways you should NOT ask for a prenup:

1)   Using the prenup as wrapping paper for the engagement ring.

2)   By scheduling a flash mob to propose then having a finale with the song Gold Digger after she says yes while singing along with “we want prenup! we want prenup!”

3)   Training doves to carry it to your significant other as if it is a romantic gesture.

4)   During a fight over your future child’s name (or any fight really) stating that you think a prenup is necessary.

5)   Asking your parents to do it for you, over dinner, without you around.

6)   Asking your grandparents to do it for you, over brunch, without you around.

7)   Sending it with the Best Man to the Bride’s dressing room on your wedding day. (Works both ways — Sending it with the Maid of Honor to the Groom’s dressing room on your wedding day).

8)   Handing it over during your vows, on your wedding day, before placing the ring on his or her finger.

9)   Interrupting their bubble bath by sending it in a bottle from one end of the tub to the other.

10) Making a unannounced pit stop at your lawyer’s office on the way to the church and/or to get your marriage license.

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