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Birmingham Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent Adoption is a beautiful thing. At Magic City Law, you do not have to look any further for a Birmingham stepparent adoption attorney. We love and truly understand the stepparent adoption process. We want to help you complete your family. Take your spouses children and call them your own. This radiates commitment. You don’t have any legal obligation to do that which makes it that much more special when you do. Now the rest of the world will see the devotion to and the emotional bond to your stepchild that is now legally affirmed through this process.

A Birmingham Stepparent Adoption Attorney is ready to help you with your forever family. Contact us at (205) 509-4766 for consultation.

About Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoption gets rid of a negative stigma related to the term “step” in stepparent.  Everyone knows that every single time the term stepparent is used in children’s stories, it is synonymous with “evil.” There are tons of theories behind that, but the outcome isn’t that great. It leads to children fearing some evil being taking their parent away. They don’t see that it could balance out their lives and make things better in the long run. What better way to prove to a child that you’re not taking anything away, but that you’re giving your unending love and affection to not only their parent but to them than by legally becoming their family? Diamonds aren’t forever, family (& adoption) is forever.



Birmingham Stepparent Adoption Attorney

Our Birmingham Alabama Adoption Attorneys understand each and every step of a stepparent adoption. Once a stepparent adopts their step-child, it’s as if that child were always theirs. Legally, they are that child’s other parent and although it doesn’t erase the negative history, it does change history for the better for these children.

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