Uncontested Divorce

Helping Magic City Families Move Forward

Uncontested Divorce

At Magic City Law, we want to help you through your uncontested divorce.

Our Birmingham uncontested divorce attorneys are accustomed to advising you of what is fair in an agreement, and the probability of what will happen if you go to court.  In an uncontested divorce, you will have an agreement that both of you agree to.  You have to be able to cooperate and come together with an agreement.

Our uncontested divorce attorneys know what is ethical and what is not. We cannot represent both parties in a divorce. We will never represent that misinformation to you or your spouse.

Uncontested Divorce Representation is More Than Just Forms

People often believe that they can save money by handling their own uncontested divorce. They aren’t too sure what their legal rights are, but they do not care. They submit everything by hand at the clerk’s office and wait. Then they get a letter stating they left out a few forms. They submit those forms after more work and they wait. A year later, they are still wondering why the divorce is not final.

Remember that legal forms are not tailored to individual situations. Lawyers have their job because they look at where you are, what your life is like, and where you want your life to go. At that point, they choose the right path for you. They explain the process to you, and help you achieve your end goal. Just like an appendectomy isn’t the right thing for a bummed knee, sometimes what you google on those legal form websites isn’t going to fix your problem either. Further, lawyers aren’t just forms. The smartest people out there have lawyers because they need their protection.

A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the Judge. Different judges have different requirements for their uncontested divorces. We receive phone calls asking for help with wrong forms each day because every judge is different. In the legal community, attorneys talk to each other and the judges’ offices about what they want and how they want it submitted. We know depending on your judicial assignment how long your divorce will probably take. You pay us for our knowledge of the system, the law, and our ability to push what you want through the system.

Learn Your Rights

You should know your rights. If you want to sign an uncontested divorce agreement that is unfair to you, you should at least talk to a lawyer so you know exactly how unfair and ridiculous it really is. If you’re going to be a fool, at least be one that’s educated and being kind, not one that thinks it seems sorta fair and just wants it over with. The last thing you want is to get frustrated and give away everything without a second thought, only to end up trapped in something you can’t live with.


Effective Family Law Representation

At Magic City Law, LLC, our boutique law firm provides families with the support they need within their family unit during a divorce. We know how to help you inside and outside of litigation. We want to help do what is best for your family as an overall unit while your division is pending with you (and your children) at the forefront of each strategical move.

The legal process can be a stressful and scary time. Many important decisions must be made regarding finances and family structure during a divorce. At Magic City Law, LLC, we believe clients are more than their case file. We take the time to get to know our clients, their families and their goals, and counsel clients about all of their legal options. Together, we will find the best possible resolution of your family’s dispute. We spend each and every day helping Magic City families move forward.

Divorces are ever-changing and legally complex, and the assistance of a team of experienced and effective attorneys is necessary. Do not make the mistake of hiring an attorney that handles it all when you can hire a firm that focuses only on Family Law.  If you are going through a divorce in Alabama or the Birmingham area, call Birmingham uncontested divorce attorneys AshLeigh Meyer Dunham and April Hare DeLuca at Magic City Law.

Birmingham Uncontested Divorce Attorney

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