Birmingham Divorce Attorneys: 10 Signs It’S Time To File For Divorce

Don't hoard those paintings, give us a call!
Don’t hoard those paintings, give us a call!

Here’s the deal. Divorce is a serious and sometimes heartbreaking matter. We have clients that force themselves to come in here… and as they’re coming in you can sense their brain is kicking and screaming that they don’t want to be here. The problem is, more often than not people put divorce off until things get really messy, dramatic, and painful. People can no longer work together because they have grown angry and resentful of their spouse. We put together a few signs that you’re almost to that point. Let us help you before you’re fighting over figurines simply to fight. Our motto is that if you no longer give a hoot, give ’em the boot!

  1. You haven’t seen your spouse in over a year (and they’re not in the military).  This is a given. If your spouse is working overseas or out of town, they have a real genuine excuse for not being home for long periods of time. On the other hand, if you spouse just up and left and hasn’t been back since, but you’re not concerned enough to file a police report… it might be time to give us a call.
  2. You sleep in separate bedrooms (and not because someone snores). Here’s the deal, if your husband snores we understand going to the guest bedroom from time to time. The problem is when neither of you have legitimate sleep issues, but sleeping next to them gives you the heebie-jeebies because you’re concerned you might sleep walk and smother them! Also, if you can’t stand someone so much that being that close to them for eight hours even though you’re not communicating… it might be time to give us a call.
  3. You avoid going home at night. I’m not saying you don’t love work. I love my job (most of the time) but if you’re picking up extra projects to avoid walking in the door to your home… it might be time to give us a call!
  4. Your wife is pregnant, but you haven’t had sex in a very long time. You know what we mean by this one. Check last week’s blog if you don’t understand. We don’t mean that she has to be pregnant for you to file, but if you’re finding signs of adultery throughout your home… it might be time to give us a call.
  5. You have begun an emergency divorce fund. If you have opened your own account and your spouse knows what’s in it, this is not a big deal. If you have always had your own account and simply keep your money separate, this is not a big deal. However, if you have started hoarding Picassos and Monets in the guest bedroom, or the back seat of your car simply to keep your spouse from having them… It might be time to give us a call.
  6. You already refer to your spouse as your ex or future ex. 50% of what you joke about is the truth… even if you’re kidding… on some level, do you mean it? If you do… it might be time to give us a call!
  7. You’re the only one attending marriage counseling. There comes a time when you know it’s time to give up. If you’re the only one making an effort… then make the ultimate effort to move on. The best way to do that… give us a call!
  8. You spend more time gathering “evidence” than fixing your relationship. If you’re spending more time taking pictures of the wine bottles or beer cans on the counter, than you are communicating with your spouse… it might be time to give us a call!
  9. You avoid each other like the plague when you get home. We’re not talking about giving your spouse a kiss and a hello and then going to the office to do a little more work… or even telling your spouse that your favorite show is on and telling them you’ll talk about their day in 30. We’re talking about making a beeline for your sanctuary away from your spouse. If you spend more time in solitude from your spouse than finding out about their day… it might be time to give us a call.
  10. You’ve begun asking your friends and colleagues who they would recommend for a divorce lawyer (or you google them late at night). Window shopping isn’t as effective as actually making the call. It might be time for you to give us a call (205-202-0070).
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