Birmingham Custody Attorneys: 3 Tips Involving School And Custody Issues

It’s August in Alabama. That means that it’s “hotter than Hades.” It also means that it’s Divorce Season. The kiddos are packing up their belongings and heading back into the classroom. You’ve spent all summer trying to simmer down your anger toward your spouse via long relaxing vacations and hiding your mounting upsets behind Moana marathons with the kiddos. However, once you walked into the bar to see that the person who answered your personal ad about pinã coladas and getting caught in the rain is your very own spouse, you’re a little finished with pretending that everything is okay. Now that the kiddos are busy learning about their 1-2-3’s, you’ve got some free time to meet with an attorney without having them tag along.

  • Leave the teachers out of it.

    These people spend each and every day being the go between for students. The last thing they need is to receive an email from the parents bickering back and forth about the costs of field trips or why the other parent shouldn’t be attending lunches. Since they cannot put you in detention, maybe you should save the drama for your attorneys. If your spouse is using the teacher as a sounding board for why he should have custody or why you shouldn’t receive child support, then let him. So, stay quiet and apologize for these actions. These people can be subpoenaed to testify against or for you so always realize that the last thing they want to do is discipline your children AND you.

  • Fill out the paperwork properly.

    Don’t make the paperwork one sided. Unless the other parent is a danger, the office staff at school doesn’t need to feel the wrath of the other parent when they realize that you filled everything out as if they didn’t exist. (You made me mad so I just left that entire portion about their mother blank. Good luck trying to get their report cards this year, Mildred!) If they are not a danger to your child, let them have access to records. Now if they’re threatening to snatch up your baby and take them away, that’s a different story.

  • Take the children to school.

    School is important. The last thing you should be doing is taking your child out of school so that the other parent doesn’t have access to them. Even worse than that is to take your child out of school to bring them into the middle of a custody trial. If you have issues keeping the drama from them during their time at home, don’t take them away from their only relief to have to spend hours sitting in a cold courthouse with nothing to eat or do. There’s no Wi-Fi. It’s primitive.

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