COMMITTED? The Amanda Bynes Commitment.

Although we often hear the phrase, “my spouse is insane”, it’s not that often that the person is certifiable.  Normally, if that were the case, they would have been committed way before the marriage fell apart. However, if your significant other is on medication and not taking their medication properly, there may have a way to get them stabilized without having to cut all ties. There is something called an involuntary commitment where you file a petition to have someone committed for treatment in a mental institution. We are by no means suggesting you do this!This is only for people who legitimately need medication for their illness, and they refuse to take it.

What does it take to get an involuntary commitment? There are quite a few factors, but basically (in short and simple terms) the person has to be a danger to themselves or others, non-compliant with medication or treatment, and have an Axis 1 illness.  A prime example of a candidate for an involuntary commitment is Amanda Bynes. She’s been displaying concerning behavior for months! This girl has schooled both Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears in the train wreck department.

The story is all over the news where Amanda Bynes has been committed.  This girl has been snowballing for months (no I’m not talking about a possible cocaine addiction). She has gone from refusing to pay for hair extensions then showing back up to the same salon to get them redone, to disturbing her entire spin class by changing to multiple bikes and putting on her make-up, to throwing bongs out of windows, to starting fights with random other celebrities on twitter.

Her erratic behavior apparently hit an all-time high on Sunday when she showed up drunk to a retirement home. She claimed she was there to visit a relative, but the staff determined she was too drunk to enter. Then on Monday, she was apparently setting fire to a gasoline can in some random person’s driveway in her parent’s neighborhood.  The cops were called as the neighbors put out the fire. She tries to escape via cab to no avail.

The police spoke with her and determined she should probably go to a psychiatric facility to be observed under the 72 hour watch. This is the amount of time the law is allowed to hold you in these situations. During that time the doctors evaluated her and determined she needed an extra two weeks for treatment. Now, her family is working hard to get a Conservatorship over her money, similar to Britney’s parents. One can hope she takes after Britney and gets the help she needs. (You KNOW you’re in trouble when that is said…)

"I got yo crazy" - Britney Spears
“I got yo crazy” – Britney Spears
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