3 Reasons Why You Should Love Mellie From Scandal

Some of you may love and adore Scandal almost as much as we do. It’s a fabulous show

That's right Mellie, you tell him! Adultery is a no-no!
That’s right Mellie, you tell him! Adultery is a no-no!

full of dirty little secrets and tons of drama. In addition to the biggest “scandal” of the show which is the President’s love affair with Olivia Pope, there’s numerous mini scandals in each episode. However, the biggest Scandal is the topic of today’s blog. The President of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant (what a presidential name!) is married to a beautiful, smart, and extremely well put together woman, but he’s having an affair with yet another beautiful, smart, and extremely well put together woman. His wife, although very upset, doesn’t leave him or throw him under any political bus, decides to stay with him for the stability of their family, his career, and the national image. We respect her, and pity her, because although she’s angry and rather bitter, she is the one continuously being betrayed. Although she is really the victim, she’s treated as a nemesis or antagonist in the show. Here are the reasons why you should like Mellie:

  1. She gave up her career as a lawyer to support her husband’s life. A lot of our clients deal with this issue all the time. They are well educated women with a great career ahead of
    We know it's love, but Mellie deserves better!
    We know it’s love, but Mellie deserves better!

    them. They fall in love. They begin decreasing their hours at work so that they can take over things at home so their husband can increase hours at work and build a substantially better career. Once they have kids they begin staying at home more because they can’t do both money wise. Eventually, years down the road, they’re the supporting character in their husband’s show and he no longer cares. They’re left to pick up the pieces and start over. Mellie has given up a lot to ensure that Fitz has an incredible career, and we don’t feel that she’s given enough credit for this.

  2. She attempts multiple times to fix the decline in her marriage. She doesn’t give up at the first sign of an issue (obviously). Multiple times, regardless of how her husband treats her, she picks up the pieces and attempts to fix their marriage. There are a lot of times when people give up too easily, and decide that marriage isn’t worth it. Mellie is about values, image, and her vows. She stands by him, and continues to do so even though it’s clear he’s in love with someone else. Personally, she has one heck of a divorce case against him, but they haven’t gotten there yet!
  3. He is an adulterer. Listen, we love Olivia & Fitz, but Fitz is having sex behind his wife’s back with another woman. He is in love with this woman. He is morally and legally wrong in doing this. Sure, we’re on the side of love, but what about Mellie’s love for Fitz? They have children together, and a life together. He is committing the ultimate marriage betrayal and Mellie deserves more for that.

Imagine being one of our clients, and finding out your husband has been having, not just an affair, but a LOVE
affair with another woman. You’ve given up your career for him, and given him multiple chances to rectify this situation, but he simply doesn’t care. He’d give up the career you two built together and the marriage/family you’ve created to be with this other woman. It’s not romantic, it’s deplorable, and you’re left past your career prime as a single mother. You’re beautiful, smart, and well put together. You, Mellie, are the ideal client. If she walked in our office, she’d get the royal treatment. She deserves better than Fitz, and so do you. (Furthermore, so does Liv…)

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