3 Tips If Your Spouse Was On The Ashley Madison List

The biggest news for all divorce lawyers these days is the Ashley Madison drama. The sewage spillage of people’s dirty laundry has come to the surface, and it’s not pretty for the state of Alabama which is number one on the list. This makes me really want to point out that we also happen to be one of the most uptight states (correlation, perhaps?).  People are constantly chatting about all of the people they know on the list. The only people not talking about it are those people who are on the list. Those people are stuck in a devastated shock whether it be the spouse who was on the site or the spouse who found out about the sexual and financial infidelity. If you’re one of those spouses who unluckily found out that your spouse was on the list everyone is passing around, you’ll need to think about the following tips:

  1. Call a lawyer immediately. You may decide you want to forgive and forget, but you need to know your rights before you do. You may think that you can forgive a few looksies and a few touchies, but next thing you know you see that he’s spent over $1,000.00 on this website and you realize it was way more than a little. The last thing you want to do is go blindly into the future. Going to a lawyer is not the end all be all. Going to a lawyer doesn’t mean that you will get a divorce. It does not mean that you cannot go to counseling. It is merely a way making sure you can make a completely informed decision going forward. If you think divorce lawyers cause divorces, you’ll need to check out our blog here. We don’t want you to get a divorce. We want to make sure we can protect our potential clients whether or not they decide to stay together. There are things that you could consider to protect yourself if you are staying together, such as a Postnuptial Agreement.
  2. Think long and hard before you partake in “making up.” There’s this thing called condonation, which means that you forgive and forget by letting your spouse wriggle their way back into the marital bed. We are by no means telling you to stay away from “making up,” but condonation is one sure fire way to legally throw away your adultery claim. Also, as my law partner put it so eloquently yesterday – “you never know what kind of icky thing they picked up.”
  3. Get off Facebook (and social media) immediately.Everyone has the list. There’s this curious nature in humans that makes them look at a car wreck even when they don’t want to see it. You don’t want to see what people are saying. It’ll only hurt worse. Most of all, though, you don’t want to say what’s on your mind for the next few months. It could be very very very bad. So, put down that glass of wine and sign off your social media presence until this blows over.

BONUS TIP: Only Carrie Underwood gets away with taking a baseball bat to his 4-wheel drive. There are consequences for the rest of us.

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