5 Reasons YOU Should Hire Young Attorneys

When I first started practicing, the older lawyers would attempt to talk down to me. They would ask, “what are you, like 12?” It used to really upset me because I already felt insecure. I was just starting and I didn’t want people calling me out for my newness. After

Hiring a young lawyer can be very beneficial for you!
Hiring a young lawyer can be very beneficial for you!

a while, I began to get a bit snippity about it. “What are you, like 12?” “No, I’m a vampire. I’ve actually been practicing 100’s of years.” See what I did there? It’s October… Boo! Anyways, these days, with experience behind me, I don’t mind the condescending question. Why? Because being young is a reason you should hire me (and my firm). Here are the top reasons why:

  1. We aren’t jaded. We are still passionate about our cases. We still believe what our clients say a majority of the time, and will often fight for our wronged clients longer than others. Way too often we hear from other attorneys, “They all lie. You know you can’t believe your client.” That’s not necessarily true. Way too often, my clients are telling a pretty close version of the truth. I’m here to look out for them even if they get confused from time to time. I’m here to sort through the drama and the pain and find the solution. We became lawyers to fight for our clients, not to be beaten down by the system. We want to look out for you, and most importantly, we want to look out for the wellbeing of your children.  Also, on a side note, and why you should hire a young woman, have you ever fought with a woman?
  2. We have a reputation to build. We aren’t riding our own coattails. Sometimes lawyers will build a reputation quickly, working hard to get their name out there. Then after they’ve been practicing a while, they rely on that reputation to see them through the times they no longer feel like doing their job. They can rely on that reputation even if they aren’t following through whereas we’re having to work hard every day to keep building up and keep our client’s happy. We have fewer clients so we want referrals. We want to please you so that you’ll contact others and send them to us! We have less clients so we’re more available to call you back within a day. We are able to devote more time to your needs.
  3. We are energetic. We’re caffeinated, fresh, and ready for some all-nighters to make sure you get the optimal result. As above, we aren’t jaded and bored with our cases. Every case is exciting and a new puzzle for us to solve. Sometimes it’s very similar to the previous ones, but always remember that no two cases are exactly alike.  Sometimes lawyers get accustomed to their caseload, and they’re so busy they’ll start lumping a client into a case type. We don’t do that, we see you and your case as an individual. We will talk with you not to you about your options. If we feel that perhaps there’s a loophole that hasn’t been argued, we’ll look for it. We also love to overcome being underestimated.
  4. We cost less. We’ve worked with the older attorneys, so we have learned from them… but we don’t charge what they do. To be completely honest, we don’t even charge half what they do most of the time. We charge less, we work harder, and we’re appreciative for the work. We were born out of law school into a time when the economy was bad, lawyers were barely hired, and often fired, and we (as a generation) are hungry for work. We will often work with our clients because we understand poverty (Thanks law school loans!).
  5. We GET technology. We understand that people are busy these days and want to make things easy and quick. We can email back and forth with you all day regarding your problems. We write blogs so you know where to get started.  We file things online. We can figure out how to prove your case using your cellphone. We’re here to embrace the new times, and we’re bringing you with us.
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