Birmingham Divorce Attorneys: 6 Reasons To File For Divorce For New Years!

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It’s resolution time. With each New Year comes a slew of resolutions. If you’ve been thinking about a divorce, we understand why you may have been putting it off during the holidays. The family, holidays, and booze may have made the idea of getting a divorce preposterous. (Though, sometimes it also makes the idea of divorce even more attractive). However, if it’s inevitable, it might be best to seek the advice of counsel and find out what to do next. It may be in your best interest to make a divorce one of your resolutions.  Sometimes, things aren’t fixable. Sometimes your husband is sleeping in a teepee in the backyard to avoid speaking to you. Sometimes your wife is having an affair with her ballroom teacher, her pastor, and your best friend. There are times when you need to ring in the new year by getting rid of that wedding ring and here are your reasons why:

1.       Why start the New Year with baggage? It’s time to get rid of that extra weight, and by weight, we mean that you should finally set yourself free from your misery, your ball and chain, and your marriage. You’ve probably put a lot of thought into this, sometimes more thought than when you entered into the marriage. You’ve probably put a lot of work into this as well. You may have tried counseling, or tried talking to your spouse. Sometimes it’s just time to let things go and push yourself toward your freedom and toward your happiness.

2.       It’s time to get Healthy. By getting healthy we mean both mentally and physically. An unhappy marriage takes its toll on you to in both realms, so get to running. A good counselor both psychiatric and legal can help you through this tough time.

3.       There aren’t many family events for a while. You’ve just spent two months (maybe three if your family looooves Halloween) (Okay, maybe 4 or 5 if your family is big into college football) spending time with your family hiding your unhappiness and pain. You’ve been putting on an act perhaps you’ve even tried to make it work, but it’s not working and the pressure to put on a front is no longer there. You have some down time to get the process started before you have to answer any questions about why you’re unhappy and why you’re calling it quits.

4.       Valentine’s Day looms. Do you really want to spend money on a useless gift or useless flowers? We get that no one wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone, but wouldn’t it be worse to spend it miserable and fighting? Or dreading it and wishing you had already filed. Nothing is worse than being unhappy and refusing to do anything about it. You should take initiative and stop moping about your life.

5.       The kids are back in school. Another big time we see a spike in divorces is during August because the kids are no longer at home with their little ears hearing mommy and daddy fussing or discussing a huge change in their life. Parents have a little extra free time, and by free time, we mean they get some “me” time for you and your lawyer. It’s easier to keep the kids out of the drama and in the dark when they’re not around. Good parents don’t want their kids involved in their divorce and usually wait until they are preoccupied elsewhere when they initiate the big change.

6.       Everyone else is doing it. Okay, not to go all “mean girls” on you, but January is the number one month to file for Divorce. Other people realize the good timing of filing in January because of the above reasons. If they are seeing the opportunity that arises in the New Year, why should you be any different?

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