3 Facts About Magic City Law

  1. We have a new name and logo! We have done this in the past to illustrate adding our new lawyers, but with a firm of all women, you have changes that sometime cause last names to change. We wanted to have a name that has longevity regardless of who is running it. We also wanted a name that would embrace our love for the Magic City because our clients live in and around the Magic City. Also, what is better than magic AND the law? Unstoppable.
  2. Our vision is still the same! We want to be your family’s law firm. Whatever happens, we want to be the first phone call to fix any problem you may have (except, perhaps, plumbing issues.) Whether it be planning for the future with prenuptial agreements and estate planning or fixing the mistakes of the past with divorce or criminal defense, we want you to have us on your speed dial. We establish friendships with our clients that last longer than just our current representation. Lawyers have a bad reputation that we strive to fix with each client we retain.
  3. We are constantly expanding. When our firm initially opened we wanted to focus only on family law. We thought that to be an expert you had to focus on only one portion of the law. However, as our firm has expanded by lawyers, it has also grown with knowledge. Our attorneys each have different interests in many areas of the law. We have begun teaching each other the intricacies of these areas so that, as a whole, we can represent you and your family from birth to death. We understand that your family has complicated issues that don’t just arise in the domestic courtroom. We push ourselves by networking with our legal community and going to monthly lunch study groups to make sure that we are always on top of the latest legal information. While some firms may only do family law, our firm learns the law for your family.
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