Magic City Law, LLC: 3 Questions NOT To Ask Your Attorney

Our blog last week focused on things you SHOULD make sure you ask your attorney. These questions make sure that no matter how nervous you are, you won’t forget the important factors to find out to help you decide how to choose an attorney. However, there are people who aren’t afraid to ask questions. We can barely get any information about their case before they begin to fire out questions left and right to us. They end up wasting their appointment by grilling us instead of finding out what we can do for them. People sometimes forget that lawyers don’t have to take your case. Sometimes being rude to an attorney can have disastrous consequences such as major delays in getting your problem solved. Here’s a few questions you should probably avoid when you meet with your attorney, if you want them to take your case, that is:

  1. How old are you? Lawyers both young and old hate this question. When you’re fresh faced and constantly get the question about your age, regardless of how it is meant, it sounds a lot like an intended insult. We understand hiring a young attorney can be terrifying, especially when you are older than them, but we also know there are advantages hiring a fresh face. On the other end of the spectrum, older lawyers who are getting closer to retiring don’t appreciate it either. The implication that they are getting senile or forgetful is simply unfair. You can easily look up any attorney’s graduation year on We suggest doing that before you offend your attorneys by asking their age. It’s rude. You just shouldn’t do it.
  2. Are you going to win my case? Lawyers know better than to give you a guarantee. If they do give you a guarantee, they’re being sleazy. You should probably avoid these lawyers. You should listen to our plan to help you, not to “win” your case. It’s funny how people get caught up in “winning” when sometimes, especially in family law, winning isn’t an option.
  3. How much is this going to cost me? I put this on here because people often will ask what is the overall amount they will end up paying. Even when we give people an estimate and explain it is merely an estimate, they seem to think it is a cap. You need to realize the cost goes up the more intricate your case becomes. We have absolutely no way of knowing how much the case will cost you unless you have a flat fee case. Even then, most of our flat fees have the possibility of turning retainer. Why? The other party is unpredictable.
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