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Using a surrogate or gestational carrier in your quest to create or expand your family has become more popular in recent decades. Through the miracle of medical technology, many individuals and couples have achieved their dream of parentage. However, surrogacy is as much a legal matter as it is a medical proceeding. Ensuring that you have the protections you need is vital to avoid future heartbreak, stress, and expense. Thus, surrogacy agreements are of paramount importance in the matter of surrogacy, not only for the intended parents but for the surrogate as well. 

Those who have been through the surrogacy process, whether as the intended parents or as the surrogate mother, who face disputes over parentage will also find themselves needing legal representation. 

At Magic City Law, LLC, we provide experienced legal representation in these matters. As one of only five law firms in the state that handle cases involving assisted reproductive technology, we are at the forefront of this complex legal area. If you are contemplating surrogacy as an intended parent or couple or as a surrogate mother, we have the knowledge, skills, and dedication you need to protect your rights. 

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Why You Need a Comprehensive Surrogacy Agreement

Surrogacy agreements are written contracts that should clearly spell out the rights and responsibilities of the parties who are entering into the agreement. These contracts are tailored to each case and both sides should have legal representation for the advocacy they need to protect their rights and interests. The contract acts as a blueprint for the entire surrogacy process and should be comprehensive in addressing all contingencies that could arise both during and after the intended pregnancy. Thus, it can prevent disputes, miscommunication, and unintended circumstances that could lead to legal battles.

Areas that can be addressed in a surrogacy agreement can include:

  • Financial matters, such as compensation for the surrogate that includes all possibilities for additional potential expenses beyond the base compensation
  • The surrogate mother’s emotional and medical risks involved in the process
  • The surrogate mother’s responsibility in engaging in good health practices during the pregnancy to avoid unnecessary prenatal or post-natal problems
  • Mutual agreement on how to handle potential problems that could arise that would call for termination or selective reduction when multiple fetuses have been conceived
  • Agreement on who can attend prenatal appointments as well as the birth
  • Any other important issues or variables of “if this happens, then what” circumstances

Our attorneys can guide you through the process of drafting a comprehensive contract customized to your case which can then be reviewed by your surrogate’s legal representation. We also provide a legal review of such contracts for surrogates.

Parentage Proceedings

If you are involved in a dispute over parentage following the use of assisted reproductive technology, such as through a donor or surrogate, our team can provide competent representation. These proceedings can involve such scenarios as single women conceiving by use of donated sperm and married or unmarried couples, whether in traditional or same-sex relationships, conceiving a child through the use of donated eggs, sperm, or embryos. 

These proceedings can occur during or after pregnancy and are done to establish the parentage of the intended parents as opposed to the parentage of the donor or surrogate. With proper donor and surrogacy agreements in place, these disputes can be avoided or can act as proof in litigated parentage cases. 

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Magic City Law, LLC is one of the few law firms experienced in resolving legal matters related to the medical treatments used on behalf of intended parents in creating viable pregnancies. If you have questions, concerns, or are contemplating the use of donors or surrogates, we strongly urge you to consult with us to ensure you have effective legal protections in place before beginning your parentage journey. 

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