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Well, look no further! Our firm handles each area of family law. We protect your family by making sure that we stay informed on the latest information concerning family law cases. At our firm, we do not practice “threshold law.” We do not dabble. We focus. We help your family move forward.

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Adoption is a great time for Family Law. It is one of the few times we get to put a family together. However, there are quite a few steps to any adoption, whether it is a domestic adoption or an international adoption. We know that an attorney is a necessity when it comes to the safety of your child’s future and we would love to be involved.


Divorce is a very trying time for everyone involved. Basically, your entire life is changing in one way or another. We understand that this is a hard time for you, both financially and emotionally. We are a shoulder to cry on and someone who is ready and willing to fight for your case.  Divorce can get expensive, so we’ll be blogging about tips to keep you from spending your family’s money on a temporary problem.

Custody & Visitation

Custody and Visitation can be an issue on a variety of cases. We are prepared to take on the most difficult custody cases. Know that when you hire us, we make sure that your children are the benefactor to our hard work. We work for your children’s best interests. Sometimes parents get lost in the battle of custody or visitation issues and forget why they’re fighting. We’re here to remind you what you are fighting for and how to achieve the best outcome for your children.

Guardian Ad Litem Work

All of our attorneys are certified as Guardians ad Litem. This means we have taken courses in order to protect and advocate for the best interests of children. In cases involving minor children, in which the court system feels the children’s interests need to be protected, a GAL will be appointed in order to perform that duty.


Paternity can be an issue in a multitude of situations. These cases often branch out to Child Support, Child Custody, and Child Visitation cases.

Domestic Violence & Protection From Abuse

We handle domestic violence and PFA cases. These are cases in which one party feels threatened with bodily harm. These are terrible situations where one party has attacked or threatened to attack the other party. Please realize these are very serious matters, and one should not use this to get the “upper hand” in a case.

Child Support

Child Support is a very touchy issue. The problem with child support is that parents think that child support is to support the primary caretaker. That is not the case. Child support cares for the child. This lasts until the child is of age (19 in the state of Alabama) or under special circumstances which deem the child to be an “adult.” Further, child support can last past the age of 19 for certain reasons. This is known as Post Minority Support.

Prenuptial Agreements/Antenuptial Agreements/Domestic Partnership Agreements

Spending your life together can be wonderful, but it is always a good idea to have a contingency plan. Human nature is flawed, and we all make mistakes. Relationships are no exception. Make sure that you plan accordingly just in case the happily ever after doesn’t last. Think of this as a relationship parachute, a safety mechanism, to keep you both safe if things go south.

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  • Do you offer free consultations?

    Generally, no. (Uncontested Adoptions and ART consultations are the only exception to this answer.) We charge a reduced rate. There are firms that provide free initial consultations, but those firms ...

  • I’m thinking of getting a divorce, what should I do?

    Contact an attorney. Preferably (for us), contact us. We will give you the proper guidance, whether it be to hire us or to seek a counselor. We are here to protect your family’s needs, not ours. Most ...

  • What is the difference between a “contested” and an “uncontested” divorce?

    First things first, an “uncontested” divorce is one where both parties already have an agreement, or can work out one on their own. Neither of you will contest or challenge the settlement agreement. A ...

  • What are some things I should talk to my spouse about if I want to have an uncontested divorce?

    Uncontested agreements take cooperation on both sides. If you can’t get your spouse to agree to a property split, then it will probably end up being a contested divorce. Ask yourself and your spouse – ...

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