5 Tips For First Meeting With Your Divorce Attorney

Tommy is on the edge of his seat. He has been bullied for far too long. His wife has told him time and time again that if he leaves her, she’ll sue him for abandonment, and he’ll never see his children again. She has tons of pictures of him wearing her skivvies, and she’ll publish them all on Facebook for his friends and family to see. He’ll lose his job, he’ll lose his children.  He’s googled, and called friends, he has scoured the internet for some sort of hope. Low and behold, there is a beacon of light during this storm of emotion and heartache. He comes across the law firm’s website of Magic City Law, LLC. He patiently awaits an answer at the end of his call.

“Magic City Law, your family’s law firm, how may we assist you today?”

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Your Family’s Law Firm

You’ve made the final decision to get a divorce. You’ve thought it through. You’ve debated it for months, maybe even years. You’ve talked to your friends. Perhaps you’re scared because you don’t know what lies ahead. Perhaps you’re excited because you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how you feel, or your hesitations you may have, it’s good to know what to do in your first meeting with an attorney. You’ve made the appointment, you’ve bitten the bullet so to speak. It’s time to get this show on the road! Here are a few tips for your first meeting with your divorce attorney:

  1. Show up. We understand that it’s scary to go to your first meeting. The thing is, if you don’t show up, you won’t know what will happen from here on. You’ve gotten advice, probably mistaken advice from friends and family, but you don’t know what the road looks like for your particular case. You need to stop fearing the unknown, and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.  (Also, not showing up for a consult is inconsiderate to your attorney. We understand getting scared and backing out, but we had things we could’ve done in the time we set aside waiting on you. )
  2. Fill out your paperwork. We don’t send the paperwork for funsies. If you want your appointment to work efficiently, fill out the paperwork fully and bring it to us. It will help us get to the nitty gritty important parts of your appointment, like when you walked in on her doing the hanky panky with someone else. If we have your boring day to day information like your birthday, name, and SSN, we can focus on why you’re here with us!
  3. Research your attorney. Look at our website, our blogs, or our social media. You’ll be able to see a little of our personality and get a feel for how our meeting will go. I don’t know about you, but if I was reading our website, I’d be excited about meeting with us!
  4. If you bring your children, bring an activity for them. We love children. We are children’s advocates, so seeing a child in all their innocence and happiness can brighten our day. However, sometimes, as a parent, you’re immune to their cuteness. If you’re wanting to discuss the aforesaid hanky panky, but you’re afraid that little Molly will overhear, you won’t be able to really make use of your appointment.
  5. Bring a form of payment. If you want the attorneys to get started on your case today, you’ll need to pay them today. We’d love to help for free, but we simply cannot. As soon as we get our retainer, we can start on your case and start fighting for you. It’s easiest to provide you with the best representation we can provide, if we are not constrained financially.

Hope to see you soon!

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