8 Reasons Why YOU Should Hire A Female Divorce Attorney

In a few counties, the smaller ones, (at least in Alabama) we lady lawyers are a rarity. It’s a little amazing with the strides we have made in our careers through Hilary Clinton, Nancy Grace, Notorious RBG, even Elle Woods or Olivia Pope, that we’re such a rare gem, but we are. However, in our county we’re everywhere. The divorce court is no exception. The divorce court has a surplus of female attorneys. Why? Because it can be an advantage to hire a woman. Here’s why you should hire a female divorce attorney to represent you in your next domestic case.

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Why you should hire a female attorney for your domestic case?

  1. We understand emotion and we can relate emotionally. We all know that women are more emotional than men. In my opinion, that’s not a bad thing. We can empathize. Sometimes that means listening to you cry (yes, even you Mister Manly Man) or even saying “yes, you should be angry. I will fight alongside you and for you until you get through this.” We are not machines, and this is an emotional subject, so why would you want someone who is all logic and no empathy. We’re here to help you get through the emotional times. Could you imagine crying or having a breakdown and seeing Mr. Spock staring you down until he mutters, “well, that’s illogical. Let’s get to the money.”
  2. We are multi-taskers. We can juggle, so to say, all your family law issues at once. We won’t show irritation if you call while we’re drafting the latest pleading with an emergency custody request. We’ll work hard to get you the best results, even if it means we’re juggling full time. (At least that’ll tone our arms).
  3. We listen. This goes along with how we understand emotion. We understand that sometimes you simply need someone to listen to WHY you’re upset and not just attempt to fix the problem. Men often jump to fixing things instead of just listening to why it upsets you. We want to hear why you’re upset before deciding whether it will pass or whether something NEEDS to be done. Sometimes you need someone to pick through the problem to find the best solution for all involved.
  4. We soften the case. For a Man, we’re there to lessen the blow when he doesn’t want to offer the cheating ex-spouse alimony or his life savings.  For the woman, we’re there to offer her an understanding advocate. We’re the Batman to her Robin, if you will. (Or um, wait… it’s hard to find a widely known duo of female super heroes…)
  5. We’re fashionable. Don’t get me wrong, I love bowties as much as the next woman. However, I don’t know many men who sport them. It is our opinion that they should because ties are boring. Why get tied down to the same old thing? With us, we’re about surprise. The monotony of black and navy suits is a nice change. We come with the element of surprise, and by surprise, I mean a variety of suits, cardigans, prints, colors, and shoes. Sometimes these bright colors and the visual dessert they cause will lessen the other side’s defenses. That being said…
  6. We’re approachable. The best way to end your case in an economically efficient manner is to have a lawyer who is willing to negotiate for you. You don’t want a lawyer that people dislike or refuse to talk to. As a whole, female attorneys are more approachable because we are social creatures. We like to talk to other attorneys. We like to get to know them. I have to say that luckily, I have tons of lawyer friends, and it is my every intention to keep it that way.
  7. We’re maternal creatures, we are on the side of you and your children. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some male lawyers out there who are ready to protect your children and fight for you, but for us, our mama bear instincts kick in and we want to protect your children. We want the best outcome for you, but most of all for your little ones. We’re here to make sure each child gets their happily ever after.
  8. Have you ever argued with a woman?
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