How To Defend Against A False Abuse Allegation: 5 Tips

Everyone has heard by now about George Zimmerman and the constant legal drama in and out of his life. Most recently Mr. Zimmerman’s girlfriend falsely accused him of attacking her and threatening her life with a gun. The conflicting stories coming from the two different calls, and her retraction of her statement lead to him not being charged.
However, besides the fact that Mr. Zimmerman makes about as good of choices as
Charlie Sheen on a whatever drug he’s on at the moment binge, it appears that this time, he was probably in fact innocent. Perhaps it wasn’t just desperation by her to not have a baby daddy in jail.

The point of this story is domestic violence charges and Protection From Abuse Orders are constantly used to gain an upper hand in court whether or not they are true. Men have to fear the legal bias when it comes to a divorce or child custody case, but also the possibility of going from loving father/husband to evil abusive monster even if you’ve never laid a hand on her. What should you do if you are falsely accused of abuse?

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  1. Avoid the woman like the plague. I don’t care if she promises you leather and lace from now to eternity if she went so far as to falsify a police report or court document, she can’t be trusted. This woman doesn’t care about anyone but herself. If she is trying to lie to the legal system to the detriment of your future, how can you build a future together? If you stay with her, you’re tying yourself to a whole new ball and chain.
  2. Hire a lawyer. Hire one like yesterday. Don’t go at this alone. A woman comes in crying, emotional, and with the guts to lie to the legal system, she’s in it to win it. You better be prepared to fight for your reputation.
  3. Tell your lawyer EVERYTHING. It isn’t good for your lawyer to be blindsided the day of trial with 5 other municipal court cases where she has done this before and either won, or withdrawn her statement. If your lawyer knows your dirty dark secrets, they can work with them. If they don’t know them, you’re giving the other side a real advantage in the case.
  4. Think of anyone who could be a character witness for you. Your mother? Not the best choice. Your siblings? Also not the best choice. Her best friend? WHAMO. If your mother or sister want to say how you used to play tea party with your teddy bears and use that to prove you aren’t abusive now, that isn’t going to go far. However, her best friend takes the stand and says “I wasn’t there, but I see them fight all the time. She beats on him. He never raises a hand to her. He simply walks away.” Well, that’s effective.
  5. Dress for court. You are more respectable if you respect the court. This is for every type of case. Do not come to court in any type of spandex, pleather, or graphic t-shirts.
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