Five Reasons Why Ross “The Divorcer” Would Be A Great Client

One of my favorite TV shows of all time is Friends. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve laughed at this show because of how relatable it is. It’s one of the few shows that I never get sick of no matter how much I watch it. Of course, one of my favorite characters is Ross. He has endless amounts of relationship drama because the truth is that he’s a true hopeless romantic. He doesn’t think before he leaps. He just jumps all in with or without a safety net… or floaties… or a prenupt!!! So for our Fun Friday Blog, we’re focusing on why Ross is the ideal client for a family law (divorce) attorney:

  1. He is a repeat client. He’s the guy who get’s divorced: Ross doesn’t just get married. He gets married and divorced multiple times. As Phoebe so eloquently put it, “Ross, you love divorce so much you’ll probably marry it! Then it won’t work out, and you’re gonna have to divorce it!”
  2. His marriages are quick and easy: Ross doesn’t put years of work into marriages only to end up having to split everything in a messy endless divorce. He marries quickly… and divorces quickly. It’s rare they have joint property. He doesn’t spend hours fighting over VHS tapes (this was the 90’s… it was VHS back then!). The only exception to this was Carol. There isn’t much known about what he and Carol had together, but he pretty much gave everything and started anew. He loved her to his detriment.
  3. He takes care of his children: Ross isn’t the lemon client that refuses to pay child support or refuses to support his children emotionally. He is actively involved in his children’s lives. He works with the mothers of his children to come to an agreement that works well for everyone involved. He actively takes a role in his children’s lives to let them see that he’s there for them. The one thing that I think he made a mistake with was allowing Rachel to take Emma to Paris without so much as consulting him. However, we are left with the hope that this situation worked out for the best for everyone!
  4. He doesn’t really have anger problems: He keeps his emotions under control. This is a given. Of course he gets a little depressed over his failed marriages, but he doesn’t allow that to get completely in the way. Normally, unless there is a turkey sandwich with the moist maker involved, he stays pretty emotionally stable. However, he did have a few days of irrational behavior when he realized he was going to have THREE failed marriages, and thought he could keep Rachel married to him a little longer.
  5. He has a steady low stress job: He gets good income which means he can pay his lawyers and pay child support. He doesn’t have a lot of stress bothering him at work which means the stress from the divorce is all he has to deal with. Provided no one takes his turkey sandwich again – he should be good.

    Divorce Force
    The Divorcer!

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