What The Heck Is Family Law?

FAMILY LAW means DIVORCE? What?! Give Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca a call at 205-202-0070!
FAMILY LAW means DIVORCE? What?! Give Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca a call at 205-202-0070!

We are family law attorneys. I never knew until this week when we upped our networking that “family law” isn’t well known to be a euphemism for a type of law. Instead, we’ve gotten the question of “oh, you’re sisters?” or “you’re all related, that’s cool!” This has sparked a laugh at times, but mainly we’ve ended up having to explain what we mean by family law. The thing is, if you haven’t had to contact a family lawyer before you may not know that “family law” is a euphemism for something that people typically dislike which is a divorce lawyer. That’s why we don’t say, divorce lawyer until we’ve won you over with our wit and charm.

“Family Law” or the even fancier term “Matrimonial Law” simply means that we handle legal issues that arise within your family whether it be to join your family through a prenuptial agreement or adoption or help you throughout the process and recovery from a dissolution of an unhappy marriage. We take the drama and nitty gritty that a lot of lawyers don’t want to touch due to the emotional turmoil their clients are going through and help you to a happy resolution.

If you’ll refer to the other portions of our website you’ll see the types of cases we handle are adoptions, divorce, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements, modifications, child custody, child support, surrogacy, paternity, father’s rights, family estate planning, and family business planning. This list is long, so obviously, we use the short and simple term of “Family Law” or even better, “we’re a family law boutique firm” which simply means we’re a one stop shop for your family’s day to day needs (unless one of you is in the need for an ambulance chaser, but we’ve got those on speed dial for ya!)

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