How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

The phone rings and the person on the other end inevitably asks the token question, “How much does your firm charge for a divorce?” There are no facts given and no other information just simply the question dealing with the cost of a divorce. Of course, no one likes the vague but truest answer of all which is “it depends.” It depends on your baggage, your ex’s baggage, and your ex’s attorney’s baggage. The crazier the case, the more complicated the case, the more expensive the case will be. A mom with two kids who has stayed at home for the past 15 years is divorcing a guy who doesn’t even care enough to object to anything = easy! A working father who just returned home from war with a drug addicted adulterous wife with the dimmest attorney in town that draws every case out so they can book that pretty penny = not easy!

Divorce expenses are sometimes necessary... Call us 205-202-0070
Divorce expenses are sometimes necessary… Call us 205-582-2832. They’re less expensive than a lifetime of counseling. 

Don’t worry, we get it. We have student loans. Law school isn’t cheap. We know that cost is on the forefront of everyone’s mind during the meeting, but when the doctor says you have to get an emergency surgery is the first thing you ask them the cost of the live saving surgery? Divorce isn’t something that is on a menu of an array of items that can be as simple as giving you a flat cost. You can’t come in and order a quick and simple divorce. If life were that simple, I’d definitely order riches and smaller hips. My point is, when calling a divorce attorney, or any attorney, this isn’t the question to ask. Instead, here are a few questions that are better to ask either the attorneys or to ask yourself:

  1. What can your firm do to help me get through my divorce? At our firm, we offer our energetic and focused zealous representation. We want to help you get through whatever battle you’re individually going through. Further, if you have children, they are our number one priority. They should be your number one priority, and we’re here to make sure that they don’t go forgotten, even when anger is at an all-time high. We are all certified Guardians Ad Litem, and the hat of a GAL doesn’t come off simply because we’re representing the parents. We always look out for you AND your children. Our lawyers also always take into account your financial future. We don’t want to leave you destitute. (It makes us look bad if our client is poor at the end of the case). We want you to be the happy picture of independent, happy with your children, and financially secure.
  2. How much is your happiness worth? Are you going to be happy at the end of the day if you go to a lawyer who not only doesn’t focus on family law, but who also is on a billboard for a dollar divorce? If you won’t trust Bargain Cutters to cut your hair, why would you go get a dollar divorce? Choose wisely. Peace of mind doesn’t have to be high dollar, but it is worth a little extra! You don’t want to end up with the mullet of divorces!!!!
  3. Is this a complex case? Are there a lot of marital assets, marital accounts, different financial institutions, children, etc? At our firm, like we mentioned above, we have litigators and financial minded attorneys who will guide you through the legal process. The attorneys have been in and out of the Court in this county and surrounding counties. April, our newest attorney, has an accounting background and with every step in the divorce she can help you determine the best road by taking into account any tax or economic implications.
  4.  Do you need hand holding? Emotional support? Has your divorce left you angry, upset, and emotionally dependent on others? We get this question from time to time. Will you hold my hand? Honestly? No. We won’t. We will be behind you, we will be on the side of you and your children. We will not hold your hand, but we will have your back. We want our clients to be independent and able to stand on their own two feet. You don’t get to be independent by depending on your attorneys for emotional AND legal support.  With our help, you’ll break free from your marriage, and be able to be comfortable on your own two feet.
  5. How difficult is your spouse (or your spouse’s attorney) to negotiate with?  The cost of divorce is most often driven by the difficulty of communicating with the other side. It may be your ex, it may be their attorney, but if you’re getting stonewalled and ignored, it’s impossible to come to a compromise. There is no compromise with a rock. Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors? If your ex is pulling a Sheldon Cooper, and you’re awestruck by their inability to negotiate, imagine how your lawyer feels. This inevitably draws up the cost of divorce. It’s not something that can be predicted unless we see that a certain attorney is on the other side before taking your case.
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