Birmingham Family Law Attorneys: 5 No No’S For Facebook!!!

Pending court case? Here are 5 No No's on Facebook!!! Call Meyer, Middleton, & DeLuca to find out more at 205-202-0070!
Pending court case? Here are 5 No No’s on Facebook!!! Call Magic City Law, LLC to find out more at 205-582-2832!

How often do you log in to Facebook? Do you check it religiously? Is it something that you could give or take? Facebook has lead to a huge addiction for most people. The first thing I do before meeting someone for a consult or get appointed a case, is to Facebook stalk that person. I want to know what kind of person they are. Are they the kind that posts inspirational things throughout the day? Are they the kind that airs their dirty laundry for all to see?! When you have a pending court action, Facebook can make or break your case. Here are a few tips for dealing with Facebook:

  1. Delete your Facebook account AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Facebook isn’t your friend. Also, there may be tons of people on your “friends” list but that doesn’t mean that they are either. What they really are… are ninjas for your ex who are there to spy on you and report back or send screenshots to your ex in order to help him or her with their case against you. Something as harmless as a picture of you with a friend’s husband having a beer when your friend stepped away to talk to another table can be misconstrued if used in the correct way.  If you post something and someone takes it wrong… it could be used against you. Also, if you post something and someone takes it right… it can be used against you.  If you decide to keep Facebook while you have a pending court case then, at the very least, follow the rest of these tips.
  2. Don’t Drink and Facebook. You may be the most careful Facebook user of all time, but when you’re in an emotional place and you’ve had a few drinks, things my change. You may log on to Facebook, and start looking at pictures of you and your ex together. You may log onto Facebook and see pictures of your ex with your kids at a ballgame the previous week. Next thing you know, you’re post something along the lines of “My ex is such a maggot. I can’t wait until I take his cheating POS to court in a few months. He will regret the day he married me. Oh, BT DUB, I slept with your bestie and it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to everyone, AND IT IS A BIG DEAL.”
  3. Just because you deleted it, doesn’t mean it’s gone. Have you heard of a crafty little thing called screen shots? They are a nifty useful tool that make bad split second decisions live forever in infamy. Just don’t post it. If you do, then delete it quickly and hope to goodness that someone isn’t out ninja’ing you.
  4. Don’t let your friends do the passive aggressive posting for you. Your friends are an extension of you. Each one of you needs to take the high road. I don’t care if she does it on her own. You need to disassociate if she does it. It is not her place to ruin your case. You will be held accountable for your peers. It’s just like high school, so pick them wisely.
  5. If you start seeing someone, or have been seeing someone, dear goodness do not make it Facebook official. Do not post pictures of the two of you together. Do not post on each other’s walls. Do not “like” each other’s photos. Do not mention each other in a status. (Ex: Me and my sweetie are going to Disney! #adultery #whatdreamsaremadeof #startginover #divorce). Lastly, do NOT check in to a hotel with them.

BONUS: If you aren’t paying your child support, alimony, or attorney because you “can’t afford it” DO NOT post a picture of you at the Iron Bowl.

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