Birmingham Adoption Attorneys: 5 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Your Adoption!

When people find out that they cannot have children of their own, they’re typically heartbroken/stricken/ extremely upset because of the shocking fact that they are missing out on one of life’s many gifts. Although they will never have to experience feeling like a whale, the extreme discomforts of pregnancy like gas, mood swings, and peeing every fifteen minutes, they only focus on the good they’re missing out on. It’s the pain and hurt of not being able to have their own child that stops them from seeing what they can celebrate instead. If they choose adoption, they may not be on the beaten path, but they can still experience extreme joy. They can create their own path and it may be to another country, learning a new culture, or even in the penny saver (Thanks Juno!). The point is, perhaps your destiny is something a little less conventional and a bit more adventurous. With that being said, here are a few things you can do to celebrate your child when you decide to adopt:

  1. Older Child Newborn Picture. I saw this recently and it was, truth be told, my inspiration for this entire blog. You may not be able to get a newborn when you adopt, but who says that has to stop you from doing the fun newborn photo-shoot. The fun part about it is that most of your friends will be pleasantly surprised and some might even be relieved because it’s something that “not everyone is doing” until people realize how awesome it is! Not only is it humorous, but it’s incredibly sweet. Imagine the laughter and good times you’ll have while your older child is channeling a newborn!

    Doesn't matter the age! We're all young at heart!
    Doesn’t matter the age! We’re all young at heart!

  2. Picture of a country instead of a sonogram. If you want to announce that you’re adopting internationally, this is a completely utterly adorable way to do it. Not only does it show that you’re uber excited about your baby coming, but it also tells something about your child’s culture. You could amp up the excitement by having a themed party (baby shower) with different customs from your child’s home country.

    How cute is this?
    How cute is this?

  3. Super hero nurseries. Most super heroes did not have parents. They were either raised by family members, friends of the family, or some random family in Metropolis. Telling your child that he or she is the equivalent to a super hero is not only a good standard to set, but so much fun. Every kid loves to run around with a cape on!

    High expectations aren't the worst thing...
    High expectations aren’t the worst thing…

  4. Take a picture of you holding a globe to your tummy. Very similar to the sonogram picture, holding a globe to your tummy shows that you’re having a baby rachel from friendsjust like any maternity picture (without the weight gain and unpleasant side effects of pregnancy). You can have your dreamed of photo-shoot without ending up like Rachel on friends after Emma was past her due date.

    We all did it with a basketball as a kid... might as well celebrate with a globe as an adult!
    We all did it with a basketball as a kid… might as well celebrate with a globe as an adult!

  5. Make an adoption announcement. This gets the daddy involved too! You wanted to have that maternity shoot, you’ve done your engagement photos, your wedding photos, and now you want to announce that you’re adopting, but you’re not sure how to get your family as amped up as your sister’s picture of her tinkle stick. Well, go ahead and do something like this:

    What a good way of saying we're having a baby!
    What a good way of saying we’re having a baby!

BONUS: Celebrate not only their birthday, but their adoption or “gotcha” day! Really, what better reason for another holiday or time to celebrate!?

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