Birmingham Adoption Attorneys: 5 Steps To A Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent AdoptionWalter met Audrey one evening after a Sunday afternoon touch football game that went wild. Although it was merely supposed to be “touch” football, it soon turned into “push-down-the-other-team-and-run-all-over-them-even-if-that-ends-up-in-a-bloody-broken-nose” game. Audrey is a nurse in the ER, and because he is very into the show Scrubs, he’s always been a little infatuated with a pretty woman in scrubs. He asked her out that night. Walter and Audrey dated for months before he met her son, Leroy. Leroy took to him quickly and soon they were like father and son. They bonded over the Avengers, which Audrey didn’t mind watching nightly because Thor and Ironman are both an eye prize.  Walter learned that Leroy’s father was a rocker with a past. He was in and out of jail. He never called or visited. He has never paid a dime in child support. Walter felt like part of a family, but he wants to know how to make it official. They’ve been living together now for a year and a half.  He wants to protect Audrey and Leroy as if they were his from the beginning. He’d love to adopt Leroy. Here’s how:

  1. He needs to marry Audrey first. In order for Walter to adopt Leroy, he’ll need to be married to Audrey. If he’s scared to make the commitment to her, he should probably hold off on making the commitment to Leroy. At least if things don’t work with Audrey, he can eventually get a divorce. If Leroy turns into a brat during puberty, there’s no undoing the adoption.
  2. They need to have lived together for one year. They’ve got this covered. Even though they aren’t married yet, as long as they have lived together for a year whether it be “in sin” or not, it’s all good. However, say that Audrey didn’t want to give the milk away for free, and she refused to move in, there are other measures to take for “good cause.” (What does good cause mean? For a good reason).
  3. He needs Audrey’s consent. She will have to be okay with him adopting little Leroy. Maybe she’s okay with being a single mother. Maybe she doesn’t want some man laying claim to her son. She may not even want to get married, she may want to be the parental dictator of Leroy. In that case, the relationship will probably eventually end, because no one wants to be with someone so controlling (except maybe that girl from Fifty Shades…). However, if she trusts Walter and expects to be with him forever, she would merely give her consent and that’s that.
  4. They will need Leroy’s birth father’s consent. There are many ways that this could go. Depending on the facts this could be very complicated or not complicated at all. Provided he stays gone, and hasn’t had any contact with the children, it could be implied. However, if he is still somewhat involved (ya know, when he feels like it) you’ll need him to sign off on the adoption.
  5. They may need the Lil’ Leroy’s consent. Depending on how long they ponder this situation, they may have to get Leroy’s consent. Say they get married, and wait until Leroy is 14, they’ll also need Leroy’s consent as well. (Hint: Do it sooner because kids are so much more lovable than teens- ha!)
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