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Domestic adoptions are simply those that occur within the U.S. These adoptions can include every type of adoption, from stepparent adoptions to adoptions of children who are unrelated to you. At Magic City Law, LLC, we are particularly fond of having the opportunity to bring families of all kinds together through the rewarding process of adoption. We know that the adoption process can be rigorous, stressful, and emotional. Our role is to help prepare you for every stage of the process and to give you the support you need to ease the journey. 

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Domestic Adoptions in Alabama

Domestic adoptions can include the following:

  • Birth mother adoption. These adoptions occur when a birth mother decides to give up her child for adoption. They can be arranged privately between consenting adults or may occur through agencies, churches, or other organizations. 
  • Agency adoption. Adoption agencies are licensed private entities that bring available children together with prospective parents through the legal process.
  • Stepparent adoption. This process allows the spouse of a parent who has a child from a previous relationship to gain legal parental rights to the child as well.
  • Foster care adoption. State child welfare agencies always try to reunite children in foster care with their parents. When these efforts fail or are inappropriate, the biological parents’ rights will be terminated making these children available for adoption.
  • Same-sex adoption. Individuals in same-sex relationships can become legal parents of their partner’s children from previous relationships or children born through assisted reproductive technology, sealing their parental rights for the future.
  • Relative adoption. Aunts, uncles, siblings, and other relatives can adopt children in their extended families who need a stable home because of various circumstances.
  • Grandparent adoption. Grandparents can adopt grandchildren whose parents cannot care for them for whatever reason, giving these children stability and nurture. 
  • Adult adoption. Adults who are permanently disabled or mentally retarded can be adopted by other adults. 

Any single adult or married couple can adopt in the state of Alabama. Children over the age of 14 must consent to any prospective adoption. In every adoption, you will have to prove your ability to financially and emotionally care for the child or adult that you adopt and meet all the legal requirements. 

At Magic City Law, LLC, we are here to help you make informed decisions, such as whether to seek an open versus a closed adoption, provide guidance on issues regarding the termination of parental rights as well as the rights of other relatives, and to ensure you comply with all relevant laws. Because of the complexities and scrutiny involved in the adoption process, it is important that you have representation to avoid any pitfalls or errors that could delay or even deny your adoption. Our team can help smooth the way toward reaching your adoption goals.

Consult with a Birmingham domestic adoption attorney at our firm by contacting us today. 

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