Valentine’S Day- Family Law Tips From Your Local Birmingham Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Tips 1: If you’re married, buy your wife and ONLY your wife a gift. To stay out of divorce court, make it a thoughtful gift.

Regardless of whether or not you’re actually contemplating going through a divorce, or already in the divorce process, buying someone else a gift at this time is risky. This is the time that all private investigators know to look through credit card statements & bank statements to find fishy expenditures. I know that you think you’re being smart by using a secret account to buy Kandi some Valentine’s candy, but you’re not. Further, if you’re buying your wife a CD and Kandi diamonds, that’s not going to look too great. Please watch Love Actually for an action sequence example of this event. As for being in a happy marriage, in order to keep it out of divorce court, it’s always nice to keep a little romance.

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